Truth or Myth : Is Rice Bad For You?

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Rice is undeniably a staple food of Malaysians and most of us can eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But is the myth that rice unhealthy for us, true? Before you make a decision, perhaps a visit to The Rice Day event will clear up your concerns.

Jasmine Food Corporation in-collaboration with Tefal jointly launched a new annual event called “The Rice Day”. The main objective is to educate the public about the health benefits of consuming rice and to dispel the misunderstanding that rice is the root cause of some modern diseases such as diabetes. At the event, Jasmine Food Corporation showcases its healthy range of rice products, supported by Tefal.

The event was launched yesterday, October 10 at 1 Utama Shopping Mall by Abdul Karim MD Lassim, Chairman of Jasmine Food Corporation. In his speech he mentions that, “Rice is eaten everyday by Malaysians, while we are heading towards becoming a healthier nation, we should learn more about the foods that we consume. Jasmine and Tefal’s efforts in giving rice the recognition that it truly deserves are commendable, and it is heartful for us to start commemorating The Rice Day annually.”

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Cooking demos will be held during The Rice Day event.


Eena receives a token of appreciation from Jasmine.


Chef Ili prepares her Nasi Lemak Rice Ball dish.


Nasi Lemak Rice Balls.


The Executive Head Chef of the Culinary School at KDU University College, Chef Fami Taufeq ready to create his Nasi Lemak Burrito dish.


Nasi Lemak Burrito

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