Better Driving Experience on Family Road Trips

The latest SUV from Volkswagen traverses beyond its compact beginnings. Liyana Zamzuri explores the new Tiguan and why it’s one of the best drives for family road trip adventures…

Seremban has always been ‘kampung’ for as long as I’ve remembered. My grandparents’ traditional Malay house sits just outside the city centre; a village that’s far enough to experience luscious fields and warm sea breeze. Car rides there are just pure bliss. While the first part of the trip to the Seremban toll plaza can be punishing, it starts to improve once you’ve crawled past the heavy traffic and turned onto the country road. It can be slow going up and over the hills, but with such green views, you really don’t want to be moving any faster.

The perfect wheels for this trip belong to the all-new Volkswagen Tiguan. With it, Volkswagen has set out to redefine the term ‘crossover SUV’. It still maintains Volkswagen’s understated design ethos but with an added length, giving it more room than its predecessor.


Being family-oriented means that I travel a lot with my family – and no balik kampung trip would be complete without the boot being filled with luggage and  groceries. With the seats folded (60:40), I don’t have to worry about adding the extra load as the Tiguan’s sliding rear seat easily allows for more boot space. The car is designed for the great outdoors with roof rails that hold kayaks, surfboards, or even bikes securely. Some other handy touches include bottle holders built  into all the doors, and the adjustable table with a cup holder: great for kids as well as adults during long drives.

The heat outside can be overbearing at times, but  with the Tiguan’s three-zone climate control and selectable climate profiles, you don’t have to argue over who gets more cool air. All passengers get to choose their own feelgood climate setting. The ‘Gentle’ climate profile is specifically designed to meet the needs of those sensitive to temperature changes, such as small  children. With comfortable and supportive seats, as well as plenty of legroom and headroom, the unpredictable traffic won’t seem as much of a bother.

Thanks to the lumbar support built into the backrest, you’re able to relieve the strain on your spinal column and guard against possible discomfort resulting from incorrect  posture, cramps or existing back problems. The upholstery contrasted nicely against the carpeting and dashboard, while coherently matching the door panel inserts and headliner.


Be prepared to be stunned by the new Tiguan’s fuel economy, made possible by the 1.4TSI engine, which powers the Comfortline and Highline. With a combined fuel efficiency of 6.7l/100km, it’s quite enough to get you in and out of traffic without breaking the bank.

Tiguan Highline

The Tiguan is sufficiently powered to be driven anywhere and
in any condition in law-abiding-fashion. Passenger papering is
adequate, considering road humps are easily absorbed by the
competent suspension set-up.

pic 2

Being a petite person, the Tiguan initially gave me all the fright
in the world. “Am I going to hit something while reversing? Will
I notice blind spots?” I’ve never driven anything as big as it.

But the multi-view rear-view camera gave me the confidence to maneuver the car with ease, as it assists during parking. It also supports comfortable and safe driving in a three-way intersection, where there is limited visibility, and on narrow roads.

There’s also ‘Park Assist’, enabling your car to practically park itself, cleverly steering into the tightest of spaces at the touch of a button. All you have to do is work the pedals.

The advanced safety features include ‘Automatic Post Collision Brake System’, ‘Electronic Stability Control’ and ‘Isofix’, which is an international standard designed to ensure your
child’s car seat is fitted easily and securely, reducing the risk
of injury in an accident.


If you’re a gadget wiz, the car packs in all the latest connectivity, with easy access to Android Auto and Apple
CarPlay via App-Connect. You can switch from Spotify to checking on your average speed without hustle, and the display itself uses appealing graphics and responds quickly to

Overall, driving the Volkswagen Tiguan was a wonderful experience. It’s a breeze to maneuver and it’s a go-anywhere type of vehicle that fits into city parking spaces – a family car
to accommodate everyone!

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