Be Outstanding This New Year

New year, new career goals. What will it be for you in 2012?

Are you looking to switch jobs, get promoted or perhaps you want a complete change of career? Karin Clarke of Randstad Group shares tips to help you stand out in the work-place.

1. Be a self-starter – This calls for qualities such as the ability to think creatively, offer solutions to business issues, work independently with little direction and to take the initiative or volunteer. Be prepared to work hard, exceed expectations and seize every opportunity. You will build a reputation for success and delivering results.

2. Learn to be your own public relations agent – Women often make the mistake of waiting for somebody else to recognise their brilliance and promote them. Success and visibility add to your credibility.

3. Benchmark – Assessing yourself against your peers is a good way to check if you’re fast tracking. Look at those with whom you went to university or work with, and also those more senior in your organisation. Evaluate yourself against your career development objectives. Get industry specialists such as head-hunters to gain industry comparisons on your personal development plans.

4. Make strategic decisions and find your own solutions – Information is everywhere and you must know how to leverage it when you need to. Be proactive with your critical career and life choices, ask the right questions at the right time or find answers and solutions on your own.