Benefits of Haruan fish – Old wives’ tale or scientific fact?

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Why does Haruan extract work?

Haruan extract has several properties that help wounds to heal. The fish contains all the essential amino acids needed, glycine. It also has high-levels of arachidonic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids that create an anti-inflammatory effect and promote the synthesis of prostaglandins, which are critical in helping the body to deal with tissue damage or infection. It also promotes remodeling of collagen by the synthesis of inter and intramolecular protein cross-linking. This produces a marked increase in the tensile strength that accentuates wound healing. “Haruan extract may have applications beyond surgical use. In fact, theoretically, it could help any skin wound to heal,” said Dr Musa.

You are what you eat

You know the old saying, you are what you eat? Well, Haruan may not necessarily make you any smarter, but it can certainly be tasty. According to Dr Musa, the best way to cook it, and get the best nutritional effect, is to prepare it as a hot soup or as a porridge-style dish. It is occasionally fried, but soup in the most common. However, its nutraceutical potential looks likely to far outweigh any culinary charms.

“While faster recovery from surgical procedures is good for patients, the extract also offers other advantages in terms of resources and overall economic benefits. The reduction in the percentage of wound infections also results in reduced hospital costs,” said Dr Musa, who is very much looking forward to the successful commercialization of Haruan as a medical product.

Expert : Dr. Ahmad Faroukh Musa, from the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Monash University Malaysia

Article source: Monash University Malaysia
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