5 Ways That Will Totally Turn Your Monday Around

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Trust us—Mondays can be rough.


For many of us, Monday is a big, painful transition from the light and joyous weekend to the heavier obligations of the work week.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, make Monday work for you ;)

1. Plan out your Monday 


Instead of trying to figure out your day in the mad rush of Monday morning, take a few minutes on Sunday to plan out your day, if not a day or two more into the week.

If you’re very organized, you can have your meals sorted and your outfits picked out. If you’re not super organized, at least make a rough plan.

Knowing what the day will bring and how you’re going to navigate it can take a lot of anxiety off your plate.

2. Prep for breakfast the night before

If your Monday mornings tend to be a mad swirl, take breakfast prep out of the mix by getting as much done as possible on Sunday night — pre-measure smoothie ingredients, lay out bowls and spoons for cereal, crack the eggs for omelets.

If you’re not a coffee purist, grind your beans. Taking care of the many little tasks that make up a morning the night before can smooth Monday morning shenanigans into ballet-like harmony.

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3. Make Sunday’s dinner Monday’s lunch 

If you like to make a nice Sunday dinner, then be sure that you make more than you will need so you can have leftovers for Monday’s lunch or dinner.

I do not understand why leftovers have such a bad rap! So many things are actually better the second day ( Curry anyone?)

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