5 Restaurants That Serve Nasi Lemak Burger

Nasi Lemak burger?! Where?!

The Nasi Lemak burger hype is spreading like wildfire in Malaysia after McDonald’s Singapore released their own limited-edition version. So, Malaysians started wondering, “why not us lah? Why we don’t have?” And Malaysians being Malaysians, with our strong competitive spirit, these 5 restaurants stood up to the challenge and started serving them up.

  1. myBurgerLab

    No stranger to the online community, My Burger Lab was one of the very first restaurants to create their own version of the Nasi Lemak burger – with a slight twist. They called it the Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang Burger (NLAR Burger) and it’s made up of… (description taken from myBurgerLab), Grandmama’s Rendang sauce combined with homemade pickles, topped with peanut butter, sambal, sunny side egg, chopped ikan bilis and crispy crunchy Thai-style fried chicken. YUM!

  2. Define:food

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    Another one that rose up to the challenge is Define:food. As written in their Instagram post, the Nasi Lemak burger consists of Ayam Goreng Berempah, a creamy sambal sauce, cucumber slices and right-off-the-pan telur mata on top, kacang and ikan bilis on the side.

  3. Hungry Bunch

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    As you can tell from the picture, it’s not the size of your average burger. Hungry Bunch just added a new flavour to their 10-inch Mega Burger menu, which is of course, the Mega Nasi Lemak burger. It is a coconut-infused, boneless chicken thigh burger topped with baked cheese and fragrant sambal served with eggs, fries and cucumber.

  4. Bowery Kitchen

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    Starting to have cravings? Good! Because Bowery Kitchen also launched their own version of the Nasi Lemak burger and it’s available for delivery (you’re welcome). Order at bowery.oddle.me

  5. Sanoook

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    This is slightly different from the bunch. Sanoook replaced burger buns with pandan-flavoured rice (top ‘bun’ wrapped in seaweed), along with the original Nasi Lemak ingredients – chicken thigh, special sambal, egg and lettuce.

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Featured image taken from myBurgerLab Instagram.

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