4 Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

How many times have you made New Year resolutions, only to break them a week later? For 2017, we’ll tell you how to keep them realistic and achievable.

photo credit: ingimage


Be Specific

Be crystal clear on what you want to achieve. Start with a general aim, like “exercise more often” – then break it down into one or two things you really want to change, and set a time frame in which you hope to accomplish them.


Know Your Limits

The success of your resolution should be 100 per cent controllable by you. It shouldn’t be dependent on someone else. Resolution like “get promoted” is partly dependent on someone else and it is harder to achieve. A more realistic goal is to enrol in a course to improve your skills or to learn from your past mistakes.


Stay Postitive

Instead of using words like “don’t” or “stop”, think about what you DO want and frame it in a way that’s positive. You’ll feel more motivated to achieve your goals.


Be Flexible

Vowing to go for a run thrice a week is a lot more realistic than fixing it for every Sunday. The easier it is to fit into your schedule, the more likely you are to succeed.