4 Exercise Moves To Tone Your Back

There are so many exercise moves out there that target legs and arms – heck, even just taking the stairs will automatically give you better pins! But, just how do you work the muscles in the place you can’t even see? Check these 4 moves out:

  1. Rowing

    This might come as a surprise but the rowing machine really does help with developing some muscles at the back! Just make sure that each time you pull, make a conscious effort to squeeze that back. Plus, you’ll be working your arms, legs, butt, and if you up the tempo a little, this could be cardio of the day for you.

  2. Delt Raise

    You’ll need a pair of dumbbells with this one but our favourite hack (if you don’t have these at home) is to fill up two water bottles and use them as weights instead. Try doing this three to four times a week to see results.

  3. Side Plank Lateral Raise

    We love this move because you really need to engage your core for stability and that means a bonus ab workout thrown into the mix!

  4. Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Squats

    Here’s a way to take your squats up a notch! Just remember to also engage your core and keep it tight for stability.

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