4 Emergency Gift Ideas For Christmas

So, it’s either Secret Santa time, or you’ve forgotten about that Christmas party you’ve agreed to attend tomorrow.

Instead of racking your brain and fearing your presents will scream thoughtlessness, we’ve got you covered with these four last-minute dashes to the stores in search of a gracious gift.

1. A bottle of Moscato


Wine might be really popular this festive season but let’s face it, really nice ones could break your bank and the cheaper ones might run the risk of wine aficionados wrinkling their noses. Moscato, on the other hand, is reasonably-priced and it doesn’t masquerade to be anything more than a lovely bottle of bubbly that is sweet and easy to down. One of our favourites that has gotten the stamp of approval from many a party guest: Banrock Station’s Pink Moscato.

2. Soleil’s Wineemotion’s dispenser card


But if you’ve really got your heart set on gifting wines… why not let the experts curate carefully for you? At Soleil in DC Mall, just top up a card with money at the counter and present it as a gift card. All they have to do is slot it into the machine and they’ll be able to choose glasses from a range of 16 different types of reds and whites – none of which can be found at the supermarket. It comes in three amounts with varying prices: tasting, half, and full glass. It will certainly be a very merry Christmas.

3. Hand cream


Who doesn’t enjoy having soft and supple hands – even if some can’t quite bear to bring themselves to admit? Especially with so many brands offering sets of hand creams packaged beautifully – the only chore will be choosing a favourite scent.

4. Wooden puzzles


We’ve all seen one of these and probably spent even longer trying to figure out the catch behind the solutions! Light and small enough to lug around, tricky enough to keep you occupied throughout long haul flights for those travelling for the holidays.

Image Credits: www.wineboss.com, www.prweb.com, www.mydailysales.com, www.happywithgame.com

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