4 Airbnb Experiences For The Perfect Getaway

If you’re looking for a slightly different short getaway to recharge your mind and body, Airbnb has just the Experience for you whatever the agenda:

  1. For family fun

    Biking Bangkok Oasis in Bangkok, Thailand

    One of the most sought after Experiences, discover the foliage of Bang Krachao Island on four wheels! You’ll be passing by exotic fruit plantations, taking shots of equatorial wildlife, exploring Buddhist temples, and sampling street food. It’s a fantastic way of keeping things upbeat and healthy fun with your little ones while building a lasting bond.

  1. For the fitness enthusiast

    Muay Thai! In Bangkok, Thailand

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    Another gem in the Land of Smiles, sign up for a pulse-racing cardio session with your other half to take a break from the conventional gym and pick up new skills. You’ll also get upclose and person with real Muay Thai fighters with an opportunity to catch some live ringside action!

  2. For the foodie

    Artisanal Dumplings in Singapore

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    Love to eat? Then you’ll love to get your hands dirty stuffing turnip, bamboo shoots, and dried shrimp into soon kueh, which is a traditional Teochew dumpling – at an authentic hawker stall. Here, you’ll get a deeper insight as to how one of Singapore’s favourite snacks came about as well as learn more about their hawker culture.

  3. For the artist

    Sketch Down Memory Lane in Singapore

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    Let your imagination take flight and get your ink pens at the ready as you get to join others in a sketching the Chinese Baroque shophouses on Emerald hill that showcase a beautiful mesh of Chinese and Western influences.

Image Credits: airbnb, thehoneycombers.com


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