3 Life Hacks Using Tamarind

Not just used for cooking up a storm in the kitchen, we adore how this pod-like fruit can help make life easier for us:

  1. New and shiny

    If your brass and copper items are lacking in shine, wet a piece of tamarind and sprinkle some salt on it. Next, rub it all over those items for a good polish!

  2. Rust-free

    In cases of rust, boil some tamarind in water and soak a washcloth in this mixture. Wipe down the objects with this cloth and leave them to sit for a few hours. Then, scrub off the solution and the acid in the tamarind water would have done its trick. Do note that because of the acid, you’ll also have to wash and dry those peices to prevent metals from corroding.

  3. Pain relief

    Menstrual cramps have you waking up in the dead of the night? Brew yourself a cup of tamarind water. Thanks to its pretty high potassium content, it will help relieve those agonising muscle contractions.

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