10 Amazing Spas and Treatments in Malaysia

It’s time to put your feet up as we list the best local spas and must-try treatments for total pampering.


Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat, Ipoh 

TREATMENT: KuuSH Black Cohosh Anti-Ageing Body Treatment for Women

FEATURES: Using a herb known as Black Cohosh, this treatment begins by conditioning the skin and allowing it to return to its natural, smooth state. It is followed by a full body mask which is designed to eliminate waste and revitalise the entire body. This treatment aims to promote the stimulation of new skin cells and slow down the ageing process of the skin.


The Chateau, Spa & Organic Wellness Resort, Berjaya Hills

TREATMENT: Lazy Day Bath Treatment

FEATURES: If you much prefer a laidback spa day without the hassle of doing treatment after treatment, the Lazy Day Bath Treatment from Chateau Spa will be a fast favourite for you. Guests will soak themselves in a luscious deep bath of Fucus Serratus Seaweed for 20 minutes, allowing them to calm their minds and let the rest of the day just slip away. The treatment promises to stimulate the body’s circulatory system while detoxifying impurities to ensure a healthier you.


Mandarin Hotel Oriental Spa

TREATMENT: Signature Romance of Rose (for two)

FEATURES: A signature massage treatment at Mandarin Hotel for couples, it begins with a soothing rose petal foot ritual where a therapist will exfoliate your feet with natural sundried sea salt. It is followed by a full body massage to uplift your spirit and relax the mind and body. This is a perfect pampering indulgence for couples who are looking to spend some time together.


St. Gregory Spa, Park Royal Kuala Lumpur

TREATMENT: Energising Retreat

FEATURES: For frequent travellers and people on-the-go, this retreat program is designed to invigorate the exhausted body and relieve it from tensioned muscles. Using a combination of full body ‘finger pressure’ massage techniques such as Shiatsu and special acupressure points directed at the scalp, it is said to instil a sense of calm and a state of inner peace for working people.


Body Bar Spa, Mon’t Kiara

TREATMENT: Nurtured by Nature Retreat

FEATURES: One of the more unusual spa treatments which promotes good skin, energises the senses and provides relief and comfort for migraine sufferers, all in two hours. It starts off with a foot soak and body scrub, and guests are then treated to a cooling eye pillow retreat and a relaxing Swedish massage. Last but not least, a ear candling retreat treatment provides comfort for those suffering from headaches and sinus issues.


The Spa, The Club Saujana Resort

TREATMENT: Tibetan Hot Stone Massage

FEATURES: If you are looking for something more than the ordinary aromatherapy oil massage, this one may be right up your alley. Relieving the body of tension and stress can be done in many ways, including using heated river stones, a healing technique used for centuries by Shamans. The massage involves a warm stone placed on chakras and then all over the body to promote a state of pure bliss and serenity.


Jojoba Vita Tea Spa

TREATMENT: Jojoba Shirodhara

FEATURES: The Shirodhara treatment aims to purify and revitalise the mind and is perfect for guests in search of some peace and tranquillity. This package also includes a full body massage, Balinese style, a revitalising eye pillow treatment to cool the eyes and a warm Jacuzzi bath using mineral salts to invigorate the mind and body.


CHI, Shangri-la Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa


FEATURES: As the signature treatment in Rasa Sayang, the CHI journey is one that promotes a healthy body, tranquil mind and peaceful soul. Starting off with a welcome foot ritual and a luxurious bath, the massage treatment then begins by using a blend of Asian techniques to suit your current yin and yang status. The CHI journey promotes movement flow in the body to reduce the risk of diseases.


Anggun Spa, Hotel Maya

TREATMENT: Maya Indulgence Signature Therapy

FEATURES: A full day spa treatment where you will be pampered from head to toe. Treatments included in the indulgence package are a head and neck massage which promises to soothe the sore muscles, followed by a full body scrub and foot exfoliation, a mini facial, a full body wrap, an aromatic bath and the Maya Signature Massage. Sounds like the perfect plan if you decide to spend the weekend achieving a state of pure bliss.


Sompotan Spa, Intercontinental Hotel

TREATMENT: Paradise treatment

FEATURES: As described in the name itself, this healing program can leave you in seventh heaven delight. Its Luminous ‘C’ and Sea Facial is rich in antioxidants and encourages the reproduction of new cells, leaving one looking and feeling youthful. The paradise treatment also includes an invigorating Balinese Massage that promises to leave you feeling stress and tension free at the end.