How To Regift Without Hurting Someone’s Feelings

How To Regift Without Hurting Someone Feelings gift1

We all want to save money and effort during the celebrations. In light of this, there’s really no shame in re-gifting. But if you’re going to repurpose an old present for a new friend, re-gifting MUST be done tactfully. There’s a difference between re-filling a spice jar with cookie mixand re-distributing the cookie mix that another friend once gifted to you.

A few tips for the amateurs: when re-gifting an item, make sure that…

The gift isn’t obviously personal
Do not re-give monogrammed towels or the sweater in your favorite color and size — the new recipient might easily be able to tell.

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The gift is still sealed
Resist the urge to give away those coffee beans you tried and hated — everybody knows that tampered goods are tasted goods.

The gift looks new
Stains on your scarf are a blatant giveaway.

The gift is re-wrapped
Strip your item and apply new wrapping paper, just in case it’s original giver shows up to the same party (gasp) or stops by a friend’s house before they’ve unwrapped your re-gift. Oh, and make sure you don’t recycle a gift tag with your name on it.

The gift isn’t on its way to the trash. If you were going to throw it away, then don’t give it away. You didn’t steal the gift. Because really, this is just common sense.

Happy re-gifting!

Source: daily worth