What Does Your Favorite Piece Say About You?

Regardless of the change in seasons and trends, we always have that one ultimate go-to piece — our everyday style staple. From hanging out with friends to a hot date night, it makes you look great and feel just as amazing. As it turns out, your fave piece DOES reflect your personality.

Now, let’s see which category you fall into…

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Tory Burch

If you’re a fan of the maxi dress, you basically hate complication. You’re drawn to the simple things in life and take a no-fuss approach to dressing up.


Max Mara

A jumper is snuggly and comfortable to wear all day. You’re someone who likes feeling warm and secure.


Tory Burch

You can never feel overdressed or undressed in a jumpsuit. Just like this versatile piece, you’re quite flexible and adapt easily to change.

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