6 Stunning Ways to Carry a Yellow Bag

Get set to take your style to a new level with an energetic yellow bag in hand!

photo credit: TPGVIP

1. Yellow is a warm colour that will perk up subdued cool shades such as blue and grey. Contrast your colours by combining a sharp yellow with royal blue for an eye-catching combination. Neutralise this with white if you’re after a more subtle appeal.

2. A pale yellow can work very well on darker or richer skin tones and colours.  

3. Turn up the temperature and bag up all the tones of the sun by wearing your yellow bag with another warm tone such as orange, coral or even red.

4. If you like earthy tones such as brown, grey, and olive, mustard yellow would be a perfect tone to compliment these colours.  

5. Yellow combined with black and white gives you a very modern and sharp appeal – perfect for a work outfit.

6. Because yellow is a primary colour, it is a great tone to add to the palette if you like experimenting with colour-blocking. 


Did you know: Yellow is considered a positive colour that arouses the feelings of elevation, joy, happiness and cheerfulness. It is also a stimulating colour that enhances inspirational thoughts and creative ideas! The next time you’re feeling a little under the weather or stuck for ideas on what to wear, pick yellow!