5 fun ways to wear a brooch

Time to put all your other accessories aside and make way for the brooch! Ready for some pin-worthy looks?

photo credit: tpgimages


  1. Pin on the lapel of a structured blazer. Go for brooches that feature a flora or fauna motif to instantly soften the boy-ish look.
  2. Accentuate your bust line by placing a brooch at the bottom neckline of a V-neck dress.
  3. Brooches can be a statement accessory if you place it at the centre of a buttoned-up collar. Go for round or oval-shaped brooches for a classy appeal.
  4. Dress up a plain clutch or bag with a brooch! Not on your leather ones though as this will damage it. Do it on fabric bags only. Create your own style with more than one brooch.
  5. You can also turn a brooch into the perfect hair accessory. Pull up your hair. Pin your brooch on a hair band or on your updo.


Tip: Attach a thin makeup sponge inside your outfit and pin your brooch on it from the outside. Especially useful for a heavy brooch or light material like chiffon, this protects from pulls and tears.