3 Ways to Look Stylish at Office

Office wear doesn’t have to be boring. Spice it up with pastel hues. Perfect to chase away the Monday blues.



Avoid wearing separates in the same shade as this can make you look dull. Instead, colour block with pastels, in a maximum of three colours total (any more and you run the risk of looking too sweet!) Round all over? Go for a darker hue at the bottom for a slimming effect but keep it light on top.



Photo credit: www.dailymail.co.uk

Want a more grown-up effect with pastels? Choose printed fabrics. This is more sophisticated and shows off an outgoing personality. For after hours, don an embellished pastel top or dress. Wear it with a jacket at work but take it off when it’s time to clock out.



Photo credit: vinouveau.co.uk

Your pastel pick doesn’t have to come in a silky or chiffon-like fabric. Give it more edge with structured pieces like a pencil skirt or tailored blazer. This offers a serious take on pastel that’s more appropriate for the boardroom.

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