A Legendary Night with Dato Sheila Majid

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The last time Dato Sheila Majid held a concert of this stature was 26 years ago at the same venue, Stadium Negara. And last night, she awed an audience of over 4,000 fans who gathered to watch the legendary singer perform on stage, making it one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too.

Walking in to the Stadium, I was instantly taken back in time to the moment I walked in as a 13-year-old eager to watch my all-time favourite singer perform her hit songs at the Lagenda concert. The air around the stadium was filled with excitement. What truly got to my heart was how Sheila united Malaysians with her songs. There was no age boundary (okay, perhaps majority of us there would have to be 30 and above…hehehehe); fans of different races and religions were all just thrilled to watch Malaysia’s Jazz Queen in action after so many years.

Sitting almost at the edge of my seat as the lights dimmed, I tried to guess what song she would open with. It was such a pleasant surprise that she sang her first-ever hit song, Pengemis Muda, as the opening number. Despite having just met her last Ramadhan for the cover photo shoot, I melted at the sound of her voice as she belted out Pengemis Muda. I miss her performances. I miss watching a concert with such professionalism by a Malaysian artiste. Yes, there have been many other concerts by Malaysian artistes, but nothing can beat her comfortable presence on stage. NO fancy fan-fare, no dancers, no specific choreography – just Sheila and a team of amazing made-in-Malaysia musicians.

Although it took a while for the crowd to get on their feet and dance, Sheila made it clear from the very start that she wanted us to really enjoy ourselves, and not worry about disrupting the view of another person as that would encourage them to get up and dance too!

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