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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had pretty short and poker-straight lashes – forget about trying to curl them, they’ll droop barely half an hour in (even with a curling mascara on to boot!). And before you can say “heated lash curler” – been there, done that. So, when lash extensions became all the craze – I decided to give it a shot. I mean, waking up with lusciously curled lashes perfectly framing your peepers for that wide-eyed look? Sign me the hell up!

My first experience was actually pretty good – I garnered compliments and the extensions stayed on for about a month and a half. And as far as those horror stories of the excessive falling of your natural lashes were concerned – I experienced nothing out of the ordinary. Although, to be safe, I allowed the extensions to run their course without returning for touch-ups. There was, however, one caveat. About two days in, I started feeling a slight prickly sensation. For those who have never had extensions, these lashes aren’t glued to your skin – they’re glued painstakingly one by one to your own lashes. It wasn’t overtly uncomfortable, but it was enough for me to be aware of their presence. Ultimately, that kept me from going back – short, poker-straight lashes it would be then.

That was, until the launch of Angel Lash Lounge came about. With the original store having first started in Penang – this new chapter in Malaysia came about when one of the co-founders found herself at the doorstep of Angelash Eyelash Extension Penang after having had horrible experiences in the past in other places. Completely bowled over by the skills and results over there – she decided it was high time to introduce us KL-ites to top-notch quality services (think: no more severe reactions, pain, and ‘balding’ of lashes). But more than that, she wanted the entire experience – from stepping foot into Angel Lash Lounge to leaving with a bright smile on your face – to be a lifestyle. Besides, being a customer of exacting standards herself, you can be sure that the vetting process of what lashes to bring in and skill to use follow stringent guidelines.

Set in Solaris Mont Kiara (the same row as Coffee Bean), it’s a little gem tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city. With walls painted in a soothing hue of blue and decked out in elegant white decor (dainty framed pictures adorn the walls), you can be sure that this is a place you come to relax.

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