Laneige Tackles Your Skin’s Needs

Imagine this: coming home after a long day at work, jumping into the shower and popping out fresh and clean, before smoothing on a cooling sheet mask (straight from the fridge) as you relax in bed. Can’t choose which skin concern you’d like to address first though? You won’t have to with Laneige’s Two Tone Sheet Mask!

It consists of two pieces as both top and bottom target different concerns. Plus, Laneige’s microfibre sheet is designed in such a way that it facilitates the even distribution of ampoule, allows your skin to better absorb all that goodness, and won’t slip and slide on your face!

With four combinations readily available, pick between these:

If you want a more youthful and contoured face, get…

Moisturising and Lifting

Top: Chockfull of hydro ion mineral water, advanced ceramide water and Quinoa Seed extracts to ensure your cheeks, eye area, and T-Zone look supple and well-hydrated.

Bottom: Utilising both Carob Bean extracts and their Skin Fit Up technology, this will help firm up and contour your jawline.

Pore Care and Relaxing

Top: If you have oily skin, the Pine Needle extracts in this mask help dial down the production of excessive sebum, while still keeping the area moisturised and smooth.

Bottom: The Hinoki Cypress extracts help smooth and relax the lines around your lips.

Brightening and Hydrating

Top: Super Berry extracts help decongest your T-Zone, eye area, and cheeks – revealing brighter and clearer skin that glows.

Bottom: Similar to the Moisturising mask, this one contains hydro ion mineral water as well to plump up any dry areas around your mouth.

Clearing and Nourishing

Top: For all of our oily-skinned ladies out there, the Charcoal and Cocoa Walnut essence reigns in any excessive sebum produced on the T-Zone.

Bottom: Passion flower oil extracts will nourish and give your skin that tinge of coveted radiance.



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