Pin-Up Hairstyles For Humid Weather

Beat the heat and turn up the chic with these pulled-back hairstyles that will help neaten the whole she-bang.

Don’t panic! Replicating these side braids are a lot easier than you think.

Simply section off the hair at the side of your head, and begin by plaiting a French braid normally, working from the temple downwards.

Secure with an elastic band and leave the remaining hair as a ponytail, or continue plaiting until you reach the ends, finishing by coiling the plait around itself to create a bun.

Tadaaa! It should look like this

While bejewelled headbands look lovely at night, elastic ones are minimalistic and work just as well in adding interest to an otherwise simple do.

Simply comb your hair straight back and slide the headband over your head, gently pulling it about two centimetres away from your hairline.

Secure the sides with bobby pins to prevent it from slipping.

A ponytail never has to be boring. Fancy it up by spritzing sea salt spray onto your hair and scrunching it.

Then, tease the hair at the top of your head to give it volume before gathering it all up into a high pony.

A sleeker alternative: slick your hair back and secure with an elastic band, pulling out a small section and wrapping it around the base to hide the elastic.




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