How to Keep Your Hair From Falling

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You lose around 100 strands of hair everyday. As you walk from your office chair to the pantry or even to the bathroom, a strand or two might drop off without you noticing.

When to start worrying

If you run through your tresses and you notice more than 10 strands in between your fingers, or when you notice far too many strands of hair on your pillow after waking up – it is time to find a solution!

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The reason why and a solution!

The cause for hair loss could range from chemicals from products used, frequent colouring, and the main cause is stress – be it emotional, physical or mental. There is no running away from stress, but with Petal Fresh Hair Rescue, a natural thickening treatment, you can take matters into your own hands to achieve thicker, fuller and healthier locks. Here’s why!

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Petal Fresh, Hair Rescue Thickening Treatment, for Chemically Treated Hair

After you get your hair done up, slather this on and it will maintain your hair’s health and vibrancy

The benefits of the ingredients:
• Organic Quinoa and Soy Proteins retain hair moisture and improve elasticity


Petal Fresh, Hair Rescue Thickening Treatment, Anti Dandruff Shampoo

This will help volumize and control the itching sensation, along with flaking.

The ingredients:
• Zinc alleviates dandruff and irritation
• Organic Patchouli and Green Tea control flakes and purify scalp


Petal Fresh, Hair Rescue, Thickening Treatment Shampoo, for Dry Hair

You dry hair needs to be hydrated so when you wash it with Petal Fresh it will help add moisture and restore its shine.

The ingredients:
• Organic Argan Oil and Shea Butter seal in moisture for intense hydration


Petal Fresh, Pure, Hair Rescue, Thickening Treatment Conditioner, for Oily Hair

For those with oily hair, here’s a solution for you. With Petal Fresh, you can balance out the production of oil from your scalp.

The benefits of the ingredients:
• Organic Lavender, Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang remove excess oil without stripping essential moisture


Petal Fresh, Hair Rescue, Ultimate Thickening Shampoo, Strengthens and Volumizes

Thicken up your mane with this as it volumizes and strengthen your roots

The benefits of the ingredients:
• Restore keratin to build body and increase thickness
• Organic Peppermint, Rosemary and Green Tea removes
impurities from scalp

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