Here’s How You Dry Shampoo The Right Way

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Don’t have the time to shampoo? No problem.

Skipping shampoo in Malaysia’s stifling climet seems like an incredibly icky, not to mention sticky, idea. But what’s a girl to do if it’s a toss-up between an extra hour of sleep and blearily blow-drying damp hair in the morning?

Enter dry shampoo, a hair hero of the so-called “no poo” revolution, a beauty brigade pushing the somewhat radical idea that shampooing your hair strips it of natural oils and leads to limp lifeless locks.

When used judiciously, however, dry shampoo can be a veritable life saver. How does it work? Simple: The silicas and starches in most formulas on the market sop up gunk and grease, allowing you to get by without washing your hair for longer.

The thing is, most newly inducted fans of the product (yours truly included) tend to tilt our heads forward, shake and sprinkle any which way, then hope for the best. But this isn’t necessarily the best way to get shiny, bouncy hair.

Here’s what to do to maximise the mileage of your dry shampoo:

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