Here’s How You Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

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A formula that works

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CHANEL’S creation, Blue Eye Serum, aims to illuminate your eyes. Erase the signs of age and time as the serum will contour the skin surrounding your eyes to look smoother, firmer, and more even. Just like its parent, the Blue Serum, this universal restorative serum is primed to become indispensable to your daily beauty routine. It’s designed with an anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle complex to decongest and energise your eyes, along with a moisturising complex to firm up eye contours. The fine and super-absorbent texture imparts a refreshing sensation – you’ll immediately feel and see the effects of a more hydrated look, which includes diminished dark circles.


Gently massage the Blue Serum Eye around your eyes every morning and/or evening, on its own or right before your usual eye care routine.


Get more information on the Blue Serum Eye from CHANEL’s website.

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Hailing all the way from Costa Rica, the green coffee is collected by hand, then put out in the sun to dry and extracted using polyfractioning – a process specific to CHANEL which allows for the formation of ultra-pure cosmetic ingredients. Green coffee is best known for its antioxidant properties in combating ageing.


The olive tree oleoactive from Sardinian olives is rich in essential fatty acid. Moreover, the olive leaf is highly concentrated with polyphenols that are bound by an oleo-eco-extraction technique to protect your skin from harm.


After the Greek lentisk gum extract is harvested, the resin undergoes supercritical CO2 cold extraction to preserve its benefits.

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