How to Get Perfect Hair on Holidays!

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When we travel, our hair may act up due to weather changes. If you want great hair every day for your photo collection, well ladies, we have the hair dryer to solve your problem!

Panasonic’s Dual Voltage Travel nanoe™ Hair Dryer EH-NA55PN655

Also, check out our picture gallery below on how you can keep your hair dryer in tip-top condition for the long run!

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Keep it tidy!

Try not to wrap the cords tightly around your hair dryer itself (that goes for any hot tools) as it will stress the cords out resulting it to slowly wear out.

Instead, collect the cords in loose loops and maybe store it in a spare paper or magazine file organiser you have.



Keep it clean!

At the back of your hair dryer, there is a small vent that collects the air. Knowing that the air isn’t always the cleanest, there will be dust trapped in the vent. Too much dust trapped results in your dryer overheating.

Depending the type of hair dryer you have, pop the vent cover off or leave it as that, and use an old toothbrush to get rid the dust trapped in the small holes.


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