How You Can Achieve A Glorious Mane

It would be fantastic to wake up in the morning with good hair, wouldn’t it? Fret not – if you love that sleek and straight look, tame flyaways with Panasonic’s brilliant nanoe™ Hair Straightener EH-HS99-K655.

Excellent performance

It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to achieve the super-straight hair that Kim Kardashian pulls off so well. The nanoe™ Hair Straightener’s maximum temperature setting of 230°C, coupled with the ‘even heat distribution’ (EHD) feature, quickly smoothens your strands and keeps them in place throughout the day. To prevent heat damage even at a high temperature setting, the moisture-packed nanoe™ technology kicks in to keep each strand moisturised. A nanoe™ particle has 1,000 times more water than regular negative ions, which in turn tightens the cuticle and balances its moisture content – leaving hair with a shiny, smooth, and lustrous sheen.

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Pic credit: Panasonic and Giphy

smart design


The uniform press design – and its effective clamping tension – makes it easier to straighten thin layers of hair evenly across the plate.

preserves hair


For those with brightly coloured hair, keep it vibrant even with repeated styling as the Photo Ceramic Plate reduces colour fading by 30 per cent and moisture loss by 20 per cent.

saves time


This new model has longer ironing plates, giving you 10 per cent more coverage when you straighten your hair



Jet-set around the world with it in your luggage, as the universal voltage feature enables you to achieve picture perfect hair no matter where your journeys take you.

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