Brr, It’s Cold In Here!

Ever wondered how cooling products work wonders for your skin? Read on to find out.

Bye-bye redness

Signs of overheated or irritated skin – like rosacea, eczema or rashes – cause redness, a consequence of having more inflammatory molecules in the blood. Cooling the skin down constricts blood vessels, which stops the molecules from getting into your bloodstream. Ingredients such as menthol and anti-inflammatory aloe are great for reducing redness.

Depuffing marvel

This beauty tip is a classic because it works. Your eyes puff up when blood vessels dilate, causing blood and other fluids to rush to the area. While many reach for ice cubes to immediately lessen the swelling, eye creams that contain cucumber are a better choice as they won’t trigger skin redness. Cucumbers contain a lot of water, making them great for soothing, hydrating and depuffing. They’ll also cause blood vessels in the skin to contract, leading to smaller pores and less puffiness.

Melt-free makeup

Moisture, in the guise of humidity and sweat, causes makeup to dilute. While cooling makeup is still relatively scarce, there are setting sprays that contain coolants. These absorb and divert heat away from your face, so your makeup stays put all day and night.

Youthful lift

Cooling products can slow ageing by boosting collagen production and cell turnover. Keeping your skin cool reduces the inflammation that leads to the breakdown of collagen over time. Another contributor to ageing is your skin’s cell turnover – the slower it is, the more obvious ageing symptoms will become. Look for skincare products with soothing, repairing and cell renewal benefits. These boost micro-circulation for a smoother and brighter complexion.

Super stimulation

When your skin is stimulated, it’s better at absorbing active ingredients. When there are no cooling products within your reach, refrigerate a sheet mask for a few hours. Once it’s cool, cleanse your face and apply toner as usual, followed by the sheet mask and your regular serum.

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