Try This Trick To Keep Your Lipstick From Bleeding

Here at Her World, we love our bold vampy shades – but despite slicking on a lip liner beneath, feathering and bleeding (the lipstick slowly seeps and creeps into the lines around the mouth, outside of your lips) can still happen throughout the day. This happens especially after a meal because the oils in your food (or the natural oils on your face) can make the formula slip and slide (yes, even with matte formulas). So, if you’ve tried all sorts of methods – from putting on a lip primer to plopping on a lip gel top coat (which can work for some people) – and nothing works, try this:

  1. Apply your base makeup as per normal and powder it down.
  2. Suck in your lips and keep your mouth closed – this means you’ll only be left with the outlines of your lips on show.
  3. Take a generous dusting of powder on a big fluffy brush and coat the outlines of your lips with a layer of powder, before buffing it in.
  4. Fill your lips in as your normally would!
  5. This will keep the area nice and matte – minimising the chances of your lipstick bleeding or feathering.

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