7 Other Uses For Your Lip Balm

More than just a magic salve to salvage your puckers – especially from long-wearing liquid lipsticks that won’t budge throughout the day, you’ll be surprised at just how handy it is to have lip balms laying around!

  1. Make a cream eyeshadow

    If you want more brilliance and punch in pigment – not to mention that slight sheen the light will catch as you turn your head – scrape a wee bit of lip balm (with a clean spoon or wooden popsicle stick) and mix in some eyeshadow powder!

  2. Soothe your cuticles

    If your cuticles are looking a little rough and dry around the edges, you can either once again scrape off a bit or get a whole other separate tube to give them some much needed relief. To take it one step further, rub any oil you have (either for face or body), then take advantage of its thick and viscous texture that will act as a seal.

  3. Tame your brows

    Ran out of your favourite brow gel? Just brush a bit of lip balm on a spoolie or dab a bit on your fingers and run through the hairs to keep them in place!

  4. Prevent blisters

    Got yourself a new pair of shoes and don’t have enough time to break them in before a night out? The second you feel that dull ache coming along, rub some lip balm on those sore spots to buy yourself a few good and comfy hours!

  5. An eye cream substitute

    Forgot to pack your eye cream with you on your travels? Pop some lip balm beneath your eyes and you won’t have to worry about waking up with fine lines.

  6. Erase mistakes…

    … we mean mascara mistakes! Whether you’re in a rush out the door or lunch out with your girlfriends have you in tears of laughter – dab some on a piece of tissue paper or Q-tip (if you have one) and gently rub the areas that have are smudged. Just remember once that’s done, go over it with some wet tissue paper to remove that slightly oily film – or you’ll risk smudging again!

  7. Get unstuck

    Don’t you just hate it when a zipper gets stuck? Fret not – just smear a little bit of lip balm on for it to act as a lubricant for a smooth slide.

Image Credits: uk.pinterest.com; sydnestyle.com; charlottesbook.com; goodhousekeeping.com; littlethings.com

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