Applying Foundation Using A Tampon?!

You read right. Not any fancy brushes or sponge, it’s tampon.

When we thought dunking your face in a bowl full of water to make your makeup last longer, or using bra insert to apply foundation to prevent wastage could not get any weirder. We’re so wrong.

Beauty Youtuber, Ashley Blue DeFrancesco posted a short clip on her instagram, showcasing her new found technique of applying foundation using a tampon. Her clip have been viewed 470,000 times.

She also recently just posted up a video, using the exact same clip and also promised to make another full video on this.

While using a tampon for foundation and concealer application does sound strange, but the cotton texture is quite soft and gentle on the skin, plus the small round tip is perfect for precise concealing.

It’s something we will never thought of using but will we do it? Maybe not. But now we know what tampons can also do instead of just absorbing, stuff.

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