6 Best Hairstyles for The Hot Weather In Under 5 Minutes

Don’t limit your hairstyle to the regular ponytail and bun, try some of these trendy looks that’re suitable for both weekends and work. Oh, did we also mention that they’re perfect for our Malaysian weather as well?


1. Twisted crown braid

This gorgeous half-up style incorporates twisted braids while letting your silky hair cascade down — and it only takes a handful of minutes to master. Whether you have short or long locks, this easy breezy hairstyle will work for you and can be worn from day to night.


2. Messy side bun

The messy bun is the perfect lazy-girl hairdo. It doesn’t take much effort to do yet it looks presentable. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, try doing this messy side bun. It may take a couple more minutes to complete the look, but when it’s all done, you’ll see why it’s worth the efforts.


3. Knotted updo

Can you knot? This elegant hairstyle is all about knotting, so if you’re a pro in this, then it should take less than a couple of minutes to execute it. Sure, you can go for normal braids too, but why settle for something simple when you can show off your skills with this alluring hairstyle?


4. Headband braid

This is especially useful for those who are trying to grow out their fringes. Sure, you always choose to opt for a headband to keep your hair off your face, but for those people who can’t wear or pull off a headband, here’s 4 different kinds of headband braid hairstyles that you can try.


5. Fishtail braid

Now, before you start backing out and say this is waaay out of your league, hear us out. Fishtail braid is probably one of the easiest braids out there (besides the normal braid, of course). And it only requires a few minutes to make them.


BONUS: Side bun ponytail 

Want to keep your strands up but can’t find an elastic? No problem! We show you a quick ‘do and it’ll only take you less than 15 seconds – all with just one pencil! Just watch the demo video below.

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