A 5-Step Regimen to Get Soft and Dewy Skin

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We’re letting you in on a secret to healthy and glowing skin, because it’s too good to keep to ourselves: The History of Whoo has combined modern science and the traditional herbal medicines that were only used for the queen, in the past, to give you Jinyulhyang. The essential ingredient to this secret formula for youthful skin is red ginseng – it functions nine times more similarly to female hormones than ordinary ginseng, and specifically improves redness, elasticity, dryness, and freckles.

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Jinyul Essential Cleansing Oil RM199 (200ml)

Cleanse your face by softly massaging it in circles and then rinsing it with lukewarm water. Once you’re done, wash your face with your foam cleanser.


  • Keeps your skin moisturised even after two washes
  • It will remove your skin’s wastes and makeup residue



Jinyulhyang Essential Revitalizing Cream RM870 (50ml)

The red ginsenf JinAek (female hormone) cream will spread out on your skin like melting butter.


  • Anti-wrinkle effects
  • Moisturising effercts

 Jinyulhyang Contouring Massage Mask RM299 (100ml)

When you use this massage mask which includes the massage tool, you’re in for a facial line remodelling massage mask with a secret formula of the Imperial household which will give your skin back its elasticity.


  • It is a gel massage full of moisture and nutrients
  • This will provide nutrients and enhances your skin, relaxes the facial muscles, excretes the wastes, and reshape your facial line.



Jinyulhyang Eye Cream RM 589 (20ml)

This eye cream will address your sensitive wrinkles around the eyes and eye bags.


  • It will help increase the collagen synthesis
  • Diminishes your eye bags and promotes elasticity
  • Relieves any swollen area by providing a better blood circulation

Jinyulhyang Essential Revitalizing Essence RM718 (40ml)

This highly condensed essence with Red Ginseng will care for your skin ageing problems.


  • Strong moisturising effects
  • Gives you a brighter complexion

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