4 Steps to a Fitter and Healthier Skin

We workout every once in awhile to keep our body toned up and achieve healthier skin. Why not get some extra help from Palmer’s fantastic four products to keep your skin tight and young.

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Take a look at our picture gallery at the bottom to find out which is our four picks from Palmer’s, so you’ll be on your way to healthier skin!

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Natural exfoliation

The Cocoa Butter Formula (CBF) with Vitamin E Body Scrub has the ideal blend of cocoa and shea butter in providing nourishment to the skin, along with natural crushed cocoa beans to gently exfoliate, and vitamin E to aid skin renewal.


Non-greasy finish

Palmer’s Body Milk for Stretch Marks is carefully formulated with none other than cocoa butter and vitamin E, along with calming lavender, soy lecithin, and Bio C-Elaste (a powerful combination of centella asiatica, collagen, elastin, sweet almond oil, and argan oil). The formula is lightweight and non-greasy, so spray generously and massage it in to moisturise and preserve suppleness by soothing dry and itchy skin.


For more visible results, layer this spray-on moisturiser with other products in the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula stretch mark range.


Skin firming

Apply the Palmer’s All Over Body Firming Lotion to revitalise and restore weary skin. The coenzyme Q10 and ginseng root extract in it work as antioxidants, helping to tone and brighten up skin cells. Before hitting the gym, slather it all over and you may see the firming results with your own eyes in only six weeks!


Bust toning

Keep your bosom buds toned with Palmer’s Bust Cream, which comes in a gel-like texture that smooths and firms. The exclusive mix of pure cocoa butter, vitamin E, shea butter, and Bio C-Elaste augments the moisture in your skin. Boosting this potent combination are collagen, elastin, and other beneficial ingredients that restructure the elastic fibres in your skin, leaving it healthy and supple.

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