3 Adorable Nail Art Looks You Can Do For Your Daughter

We asked Rachel Yap, a nail artist at Posh! Nail Spa, to come up with the three creative nail designs you can do for your kids, or even yourself! 

nail art


Level: Easy

1. After completing the basic manicure (trim, shape, remove excess cuticle), ensure that your nails are clean and oil free before you start.

2. Apply a layer of base coat, let it dry.

3. Apply one layer of baby blue on nails. Let it sit for half a minute before applying another layer of the same shade on top. Let it dry.

daisy nail art

4. Next, paint an asterisk (*) with a white polish on top of the blue layer or alternatively, you can draw two crosses (+) to create the petals of the daisy.

Tip: Add on another layer of white so that it’ll appear to be more opaque.

daisy nail art

5. Dot  yellow polish in the middle to create the florets. While waiting for the polish to dry, you can create other designs for the other fingers too. We recommend a polka dot design, because, let’s face it they’re timeless and most probably the easiest nail design to do.

Tip: For the polka dot design, make sure the dots are aligned or else the design’s going to look messy on your nail. 

daisy nail art

6. When the polish is dried, seal your nails with top coat and you are done!


Level: Intermediate

1. After a layer of base coat, start with two layers of pastel yellow polish.

bow nail art

2. Use black polish to outline the shape of a bow.

Tip: For precision, opt for Sally Hansen’s nail art pen. 

bow nail art

3. Fill the space in with red polish.

Tip: Use a dotting tool to fill up the space. It’s easier than using a brush. 

bow nail art

4. Use a toothpick or dotting tool to create white polka dots in the bow.

bow nail art

5. Finish with a layer of top coat.


Level: Advance 

1. Again, remember to apply a layer of base coat before any polish.

2. Apply 2 layers of base color of your choice, or you can even leave it transparent and skip straight to nail art. Start with drawing two small circles and a big one in the middle.

Tip: We recommend leaving the more complicated design for the thumb as there is more surface area here for you to draw on. 

mickey nail art

3. The same rule applies here. Always draw the outline of the object first before filling the space up with colours.

Tip: Focus on the basic shape of Mickey’s face, then add details once you get the shape right.

mickey nail art

4. Fill the colours in accordingly, let it dry and top up with another layer if you wish.

mickey nail art

mickey nail art

mickey nail art

5. Finally, seal with a layer of top coat.

While painting these nails, Rachel shared some nail care tips with us:

  1. Base and top coats serve different purposes. Base coat is mainly used to avoid staining and help create an even texture for nail polish to go on. On the other hand, a top coat serves to protect nail polish or nail art from chipping and give a glossy effect.
  2. If you have a habit of shaking the nail polish bottle before using it, don’t. Roll it between your palms instead. Shaking creates air bubbles and will result in an uneven surface.
  3. Always remember to let the polish completely dry before applying a top coat. This prevents air bubbles from forming.
  4. It usually takes two coats of colour to achieve the desired opacity. Some nail colours require three or more layers. It really depends on how rich you want the colour to appear on your nails.
  5. Do not scratch anything or use your finger tips to pick up coins. Be gentle with your nail, especially after application. It’ll help your polish last longer.
  6. Do not leave your polish on for too many days or it’ll stain your nails. It’s better to change your nail colour after about two weeks, or as soon as it starts chipping. Keeping the same layer on for a longer period is damaging. You should give your nails a chance to ‘breathe’.
  7. Remember to clean the bottle cap of the nail polish after each use to keep them from drying up.
  8. If you’re interested in doing your own DIY nail art, it’s advisable to do some research on the types of designs you like or watch tutorials on YouTube before starting it.
  9. Lastly, do not peel the polish off from your nails as this will weaken your nails.  Always use cotton balls or pads that are soaked with nail polish remover to remove the colour.

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